The Thematic Working Committees of COPA have the objectives of providing, in accordance with their respective fields of jurisdiction, in particular the follow-up of the negotiations process of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) which was instigated in the context of the Summits of the Americas, and of any other dossier that may be assigned to them by the Executive Committee.

As well, the committees will enable the parliamentarians to further participate in different fields of work and to tighten bonds between those who have a technical specialization or those who take part in parliamentary committees that tackle similar themes.

The committees shall conduct their deliberations at ordinary meetings in conjunction with the General Assemblies. They may also meet at the initiative of the Chair, particularly on the fringe of inter-American or international activities focusing on themes under their areas of jurisdiction.

The committees shall produce reports on issues relating to their areas of jurisdiction, and shall present recommendations, motions or opinions to the General Assembly for discussion and approval.

Each committee shall have a Board. It shall be composed of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and rapporteurs whose number may vary according to circumstances. The Board shall receive administrative support from one of the three offices of the Secretariat.


The six Permanent Thematic Working Committees of COPA are:

I.- The Committee on Democracy and Peace, which examines issues relating to the strengthening and promotion of democracy and the rule of law, human rights advocacy, current political and parliamentary events, and electoral observation missions in the Americas;

iI.- The Committee on Economy, Trade, Labour, Competitiveness and Trading Blocs, which examines economic and trade-related issues, including all aspects of the economic integration of the Americas, investment policies, labour issues, as well as issues relating to agriculture, fishing, natural resource use, and tourism;

III.- The Committee on Education, Culture, Science and Technology, which examines issues relating to education, youth, science and technology, the promotion of culture, the defence of cultural diversity, and the preservation of linguistic heritage in the Americas;

IV.- The Committee on Health and Social Protection, which examines issues relating to health, social protection measures, and anti-poverty policies;

V.- The Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development, which examines issues relating to environmental quality, the preservation of biodiversity, sustainable resource use and urban development, as well as issues relating to the management of environmental disasters;

VI.- The Committee on Human Rights, Aboriginal Peoples, and Citizen Security, which examines the status of human rights, in particular the rights of the Aboriginal peoples, Afro-Americans and refugees, as well as issues relating to migrations and the promotion of the security of citizens in the Americas.

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