COPA fosters dialogue on issues related to inter-American cooperation and hemispheric integration, in particular respecting the projects and mechanisms stemming from the Summits of the Heads of State and Government of the Americas . COPA contributes to the strengthening of parliamentary democracy and to the building of a community of the Americas founded on the respect for dignity and human rights, peace, democracy, solidarity between peoples, social justice and gender equity.

The congresses and parliamentary assemblies of the unitary, federal, federated and associated States, the regional parliaments and the interparliamentary organizations of the Americas are members of COPA.

The objectives of COPA are, among others:

  • to represent, to the executive authorities of the Americas , the interests and aspirations of the populations of the hemisphere with regard to the issues and impacts of the hemispheric integration process;

  • to develop and strengthen parliamentary means of action in the context of the hemispheric integration process and of globalization;

  • to create a new synergy between the legislative leaders of the different parliamentary assemblies, regional Parliaments and interparliamentary organizations of the Americas.

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