Electoral Observation Mission in Mexico
Mexico City, June 29 to July 4, 2000

At the head of a delegation of ten parliamentarians who are members of the COPA Executive Committee, President McClintock led this first electoral observation mission of the organization. The delegation met with the authorities of the three main Mexican political parties, participated in information sessions at the Federal Electoral Institute and at the Canadian Embassy, and held discussions with agencies taking part in the observation of the elections. The day of the vote, the delegation members attended the installation of polling stations, the voting, the compilation of the votes and the announcing of the results.

The participation of a delegation of the Parliamentary Conference of the Americas in the electoral observation process represented a concrete step in support of the organization of Mexican democratic life. Among other things, this mission made it possible to achieve considerable outreach on the part of the COPA in Mexico and in the Americas, and enabled it to strengthen its credibility as a parliamentary forum.

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